For almost 20 years I’ve been traveling to Hobe Sound to help the folks at Loblolly with their technology challenges. Computer-wise, everything changes every couple of years so that my “students” are always needing someone to help them keep up. They like me better than the geek squad and pass my name around. It’s a long story how it all got started, but it has provided me with a  good way to work for myself. Combined with the (mostly homebound) website and graphics work that I do, the home consulting gets me “out there”. I’ve become friends with the people I work with and shared in their adventures and sadnesses. It’s hard to call this “work”. More like “life”.

I pass the produce stands on the way and pick up honeybells and grapefruit. About once a year I get tempted by the orchids – now going 4 for $20. I am lacking anything even close to a green thumb, but the orchids are pretty while they last for me. John coming home this weekend gave me the excuse to pick one up today.