[Current header is the Harriet Himmel Theatre in West Palm Beach FL]

Starting January 1st, 2014, this is where I’m collecting my photos and stories.

This is my scrapbook. Or at least one of my scrapbooks.

There are lots of places around the web where I’ve done this over the past few years.  Here are the ones that I remember.

The Adventure Series

Journey to the Center of America -Missouri, 2008

Return to the Center of America – Illinois, 2009 (includes Chicago)

An American Adventure – 2010-2013 (includes lots of stuff, NY, the wedding, KY and many fun side trips.)

Time Out! – Fall-Xmas 2013, (a rather bittersweet time including my brain surgery and gamma knife as well as wonderful trips to the Southwest and Southern California.)

Shoofoolatte Travel Notes 2007 – Our trip to Germany and Prague in the spring of 2007

The other blogs

Louie Louie – an ongoing blog that I’ve kept since 2005 to share (and explore) my interest in Merton and contemplative awareness

Quotes & Musings – another ongoing blog that I’ve kept since 2005, mostly as a place to keep track of things that interest me, but also a place for some of my own personal musings. There was a time when I didn’t know where else to put something – before I had the Adventure Blogs – and I’d put it here. Like a trip to KY in the Springtime, or a walk through the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

Stations of the Cross – something Sebastian and I did a few years ago that still holds water.

shoofoolatte – very old wordpress blog, not sure if it is relevant to anything but does have a write up of my first visit to Florida’s Death Row among its collection.