I did it again! Got my photo onto Andrew Sullivan’s daily feature: “The View From Your Window”. Check it out HERE. (Having a photo in the Dish is a bit like getting a letter published in the NYTimes, in my opinion. There’s a certain thrill to it.)

This is the view from the 2nd story window of City Lights bookstore in San Francisco. I had ulterior motives for going up there and looking out the window. You see, before Merton went to Asia he stopped off in San Francisco to visit some friends. That included Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Merton mentions in one of his journals about being at the bookstore and spending the night on the 2nd floor. I wanted to see what he saw when he looked out the window.

Here are some other pictures I took from the same window.

This is the 2nd time I’ve had the honor of having a window photo published on Sully’s popular Dish blog. The first photo was from the 11th floor of the University of Miami hospital, the day before my brain surgery. This photo:


And HERE it is on The Dish.

I have a couple more photos from windows that I should have submitted. Here is one from our bedroom window in Encinitas California (November 2013). The view from our bed was over a porch and then right out to the Pacific Ocean.  The last night I woke up about 4AM and saw this.

IMG_4884It looked like a huge planet but was really the reflection of the circular window of the house onto the glass window of our view.  You can see the porch railing, the sky, the waves of the ocean, and the reflection of the window.

I also should have submitted this view from the Lenox Hotel looking toward the Boston Public Library (January 2014). But I didn’t have an edge of the window in the hotel showing. That’s a requirement. You have to see part of the window you are looking out of.