We were glad to get home to our little paradise. Jubilee was certainly glad to see us. And though the pool looked like this before we left …


… we had known for awhile that there was a leak. By the time we got home, it had gotten serious. John got to work on re-grouting the tiles while the water level was down, and attempted some patching, but eventually we had to call in the big guys ($$$) and have it done right. The heat and sun were relentless, so Engineer John worked out this clever solution for making some shade!

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We are happy to be back to our regular quiet routine of just being home. John plays pickle ball a couple times a week. I’ve started a yoga class and get my Herceptin every 3rd week. John made meatballs a la Lidia (who he religiously watches every night on TV). The painted buntings are back for the winter.