The Ferry Port in San Francisco is an interesting place – part mall, part boat dock. It was here where we were to get the ferry back to Vallejo, but we had planned to meet Janine and Nick here before we left. One last look at those cool San Francisco buildings in front of the Port. Many California-y shops; I saw a Rancho Gordo store (a bean place that I only knew from the internet).

The tea shop was probably as authentic China as you can get. Big cakes of dried tea, real Chinese servers. Janine ordered a “sampler” for us, and under her direction we smelled and tasted many flavors of Chinese teas. A special treat for me was the honor of being joined by S.T. Georgiou, author of “The Way of the Dreamcatcher”. The book recounts his years with my favorite poet, Robert Lax. So we talked a lot of Lax. Steve extensively autographed two more of his books, which he gave to me.

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