A beautiful day in San Francisco when we arrived. Architecturally interesting buildings. Bicycles for hire. Street musicians. Liberal dog laws!

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We found our way to our hotel – The Best Western Tuscan – without too much trouble. I was impressed. Fresh (not mushy) apples waiting for us at the desk. Cool water. And where, where, have I EVER seen cookies for dogs offered. (Nowhere!) This is a reasonably priced hotel in the Wharf area of San Francisco. This hotel excelled in the little things!

Our room was nice too.

We headed over to the wharf for soup in a bowl and a look around. It could get garish over there (like with wax museums and the like), but we found some interesting boats and knots and things.

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The little houseboat that I am standing in front of in the photo above was locally referred to as an “ark”. It was one of several dozen houseboats moored out as summer hideaways for San Francisco families.

Reputedly built for the McGinnis family sometime prior to 1900, this ark was hauled ashore about 1923 and passed through several hands before being donated to the museum in 1969.

Summer aboard the arks was an idyllic time. The boats were brightly painted and glowed at night with colorful Japanese lanterns. Evenings were spent visiting between boats in neatly finished rowboats.