This was a sad day.

The wind had shifted during the night and the smoke from the King Fire (which continues to burn to this day) had settled onto Lake Tahoe. Early in the morning the athletes were gathered at the lake for the swim. Adrenaline was flowing, water and energy bars were packed. With just 10 minutes before the starting bell, the entire race was called off. Air quality was not safe, especially at the 6000 foot elevation where oxygen is scarce.

All that psyched energy turned into devastating disappointment. Grown men cried.

ironmantahoeJon and Dmitri and some others decided to run the Ironman, official or not. I’m glad that they had each “officially” completed an Ironman 4 years ago.

They completed the swim and 90 miles of the bicycle ride. But the air was very smoky, and getting smokier. They did not do the run (a marathon!)

We didn’t know what to do so we headed over the Squaw Valley, a ski resort/village that was the official headquarters for the Ironman. It was a depressing site. What was supposed to be a joyous day with swarms of  people cheering on their athletes was deserted but for the breaking down of the event. The weather was rainy and dreary. And quite smoky.


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We met up with the Felsens for pizza then went back to our house in the woods to eat some more. (You would think we had burned a lot of calories or something.) A disappointing day, but we are still very proud of our nephew, Jon, and glad for the experience of it all.

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Finally the sun came out!


The finish line!