We came down Mount Rose – well down to 6000 foot elevation – to the town of Lake Tahoe. It all feels very California-y to us. A cute little town, a beautiful lake. Busy with everyone getting ready for the Ironman Race to take place the next day. Lots of athletes from all over the world are here, registering, picking up their “packs”, parking their bikes, testing the waters. There is anticipation and excitement in the air. Evidently the high altitude will affect the rhythm of their swim so many athletes are going for a test swim in the lake.

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We saw Joe Biden hanging out at the beach. I was too shy to take a photo from the front, but we are sure it was him.


There are NO trash cans around. Only bear-proofed containers.

We drove down to Emerald Point and saw the Island that was Lake Tahoe’s version of Peanut Island. Love the sage and OUT WEST feel to everything. Trees growing from rocks.

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We headed over to the Breon headquarters where we met up with lots of folks, celebrated Jon’s 34th birthday and Matthew’s 1st birthday, and wished Jon good luck. He was given the gift of an Ironman 2014 shirt with his name amongst the many others printed on the back.

From here we headed over to our own little place in the woods (near Donner Lake) and waited for the race to begin!

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