It’s not over yet! Aunt Louise’s 100th celebration continued into Sunday, when the Keene family hosted a brunch! Again at the My Old KY Home Country Club, there was more reuniting with family and friends. Once again, at grace, Fr. Harry included BY NAME all those who had cooked for us and were serving us. I love this.

For some reason (my hearing is not all that great), I happened to overhear Jimmy and Mia having a deep conversation about the Unified Theory of Everything. At least I think that’s what they were talking about.


Then I met a few more people that I haven’t seen in a million years – at least since the 1960s. This is me and Mickey Jones.


In about 1930 Mickey’s father, Bill Jones, and my Dad teamed up to form H&J Dairies. (Hagan and Jones). Bill Jones (who had about 15 or more children) eventually left the dairy business to start the Jone Restaurant and H&J became Hagan’s Dairy. Can’t you just see the spirits of Bill and Tucker shining down (in? through?) us?

And then someone came up and said “who am I”? I knew her — but when she said her name – Carolyn – I thought, no way. She looks too young to be Carolyn! Carolyn and the Greenwells lived just across the street from us. My Dad smashed many of their trashcans backing out of the driveway. We played with all of them, Carolyn and her brothers, JI and Jim, throughout our childhood. I have so many memories of this family. It was Verna Mae who helped my Dad so much the day my mother died. We are also sort of related. Her Uncle Dick married my Aunt Nora – so we shared an aunt and uncle. I was sad to hear that her mother, Verna Mae, had died a couple of years ago. Carolyn is the last member of her family to be alive.


These are my cousins, Billy Hart, and his children Mark and Donna. Back in the 1950s we would drive to Sarasota FL with them for a couple of weeks at Azure Tides motel. Billy Hart was the oldest of my cousins, and already married and with children who were about my age. Anyway, we all go back a long way. Donna reminded me that my father was her godfather.


This is John with one of my favorite cousins, Peggy.


And these are more photos from the Sunday Brunch celebration. Gracie gave her daughter, Elisa, a basket of baby things for the baby soon to come, Aunt Louise looks at old photos with friends, we acknowledged Dave’s birthday which happens to be the same day as Aunt Louise’s. Ate and celebrated together yet some more.

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