We used to go to Bernheim Forest for picnics when I was growing up. It is about 15 miles west of Bardstown, and being a townie, it was the closest thing I knew as KY “wilderness” land. I was surprised that I had never taken John there, so we went over on Saturday.

There is a new Visitor’s Center. I liked the message.


To live a sustainable life is to care about generations we’ll never know and to embrace the future for them:

  • by planting a tree even though we may never enjoy the shade that it will provide.
  • by treasuring our air, water, soil, and biological communities and preserving them for the generations to come.
  • by being a healthy part of something far, far greater.

Bernheim explores sustainable ideas.

Stepping beyond Sustainable

Nature, on the whole, is better than sustainable. It is regenerative. We must soon shift our thinking from how to be less bad to how we might be good.

In our future, buildings will be green spaces that help clean air and filter water. The things that we design and build must improve our environment, not destroy it.

Nature has much to teach us about this kind of design. Protecting ecosystems is like protecting the engineering plans for a better way forward.

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There were raised beds of vegetables that supplied the food for Isaac’s Cafe.

Little fairy home sculptures around …


It was nice to be back out in the woods again. Jubilee and I miss that in Florida.