IMG_7699In our backyard we have an ugly tall cactus plant. John found it somewhere many years ago, brought it home and put it in a pot. It really is an eyesore and I do nothing to care for it. Nothing. The cactus also is top-heavy and falls over often. Its sharp needles, laying there in the yard, worry me, especially since Jubilee is now almost 100% blind in both eyes.

But every year, about this time, this cactus blooms! The bloom only opens for a short time – less than an hour –  in the mornings and then it closes for the rest of the day. And this morning blooming only lasts for a few days before the bloom itself turns dark (black) and falls off.

This morning, while Jubilee and I were out by the pool doing our yoga (doga), I looked up and there it was. I guess there is a redeeming quality to just about everything.