Easter Monday was our last full day in Rome. We had played with the idea of going to Pompeii, but there was still so much that we wanted to do and see in Rome. We knew that something was going to be happening at the Circo Massimo, but we were not prepared for the magnitude of the spectacle that we saw as we rounded the corner. Hundreds and hundreds of Romans, dressed in ancient costume and full battle array, parading around the circus, around the Forum and then down the main street to the Colosseum. This went on all day and into the night. A re-enactment of ancient Rome, best described at this website: http://www.gruppostoricoromano.it

We got so many photos, I have no idea how to choose from among them. Below are a few. I’ve posted a video of the “competition” that John took in the afternoon HERE.  (Natale di Roma Video)

We would watch for awhile, do something else, come back and watch some more. Probably the most amazing public re-enactment I’ve ever seen anywhere in my life. There were moments when I looked around and imagined that this really was the way it was 2000 years ago, in this very place.

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