From the moment Jorge Bergoglio walked onto the balcony to become Pope Francis, I knew that this man would become my personal pastor and that my long years of confusion about Catholicism were over. Because of Francis, I know and accept my place in the Church. I read his homilies almost daily. I follow his lead. My soul recognizes him.

Being in the great mass of humanity as Francis led the Easter Mass was perfectly natural. Perhaps this was the reason we were in Rome; the reason all the pieces fell into place. While Francis was in sight, I did not take my eyes off of him.  Francis prays the Mass with a very soft, humble voice. Here are some of my photos, many redundant.

(Once again, no women on the altar 😦 … a couple of women lectors, but that was all.)

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At communion we were surprised to see a priest come right up to our row. He had a man with a yellow and white (Vatican colors) umbrella accompanying him. Many people were lining up so we got in line too. Just before we got there a woman turned away and was walking away with the host in her closed hand. The “protector” man with the umbrella was very upset and trying to stop her. She went right by me and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t stop her. We then went to communion but they would only lay the host on your tongue and not give it to you in your hand.

I wondered what the woman who “stole” the host consecrated by Francis would do with it. Sell it?

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Video of Francis’ entrance:

Notice how all the birds show up when Francis is around …