After the night’s rain, the morning was cool and glorious. We took a taxi from our hotel to the Vatican, getting there a little before 8AM when the gates to the piazza would be opened to those with tickets.

The way looked fairly clear, but people were hurrying.

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There was a bit of a bottleneck at the gate, but as soon as the gates opened, people started flooding into St. Peter’s Square. Everyone had their tickets out but they were not taken (I think you might have been able to get in without one. I still have mine.). We were asked to “Open Our Bags” so that a guard could look in, but it was helter skelter because so many people were coming through at once.

We hurried down to get as close to the altar as we could. I thought that being more toward the center would be best, but in retrospect I can see that being on the edge of a “pathway” gives you a straight view of Francis when he comes by, even if you are way to the side. Anyway, we found our seats quickly and were very pleased with our view of the altar.

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I didn’t realize how very lucky we were to have seats, especially when I looked around about 10 minutes later and saw the crowd behind me!


It was only 8:15AM and Mass would not start until 10:15. But the day was glorious, the bells were ringing and the flowers were beautiful. Who could imagine that we would be in this place on Easter Sunday?!

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