On Friday morning we took the bus over to the Vatican to get our tickets for Mass in the Piazza San Pietro on Easter Sunday. The directions said to go to the Bronze Door to collect the tickets.

This was our first time in 15 years at St. Peter’s so we took some time to look around while searching for the door. It is an impressive place. Things were being readied for Easter.

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I am hoping that these chairs are for us! (we did, in fact, get two of these seats!)


We ventured into St. Peter’s Basilica for a look around …

We particularly wanted to see the Pieta, which in now behind glass. It is still beautiful.

DSC00113DSC00112 We finally worked our way around to the Bronze Door that is on the right side of the Bernini colonnade that begins in St. Peter’s Square.

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I have begun to realize that the Easter Mass will take place in the Piazza itself, rather than the Basilica, and that these tickets will only allow us into the square. Nevertheless I had to go through a metal detector and John was not allowed to go with me. After showing my dinky little fax from Georg Ganswein, I was let past the Swiss guard into a little office room.  There were 4 men in there (don’t any women work at the Vatican?) and lots of boxes of what looked like formal invitations. The man looked at my fax, did a lot of clicks on a computer, then asked me how many tickets I wanted! I humbly said two, and was given official looking, but generic, tickets in an official Vatican envelope.

Without these tickets, we would have never attempted to go to the Easter Mass, and only shown up for the Urbi et Orbi blessing at noon. By that time, we would not have been able to get anywhere near the Piazza. So, it really was a “lottery” win, in a way. No one without a ticket got into the square itself.

And it was a lot of fun going through those Bronze doors!