IMG_6104[Watching the day break over the North Atlantic]

One thing about flying Alitalia is that you are immersed before you get on the plane or leave the country. Even when Italians speak English, they sound like they are speaking Italian. John fits right in. Seems to love just nodding and smiling, even though he doesn’t understand a word. I’m a bit more embarrassed at being so illiterate.

We fly north, almost to Newfoundland, and then turn east to cross the North Atlantic and into Southern France and then down to Rome. They feed us well, always wine or water, first some little rosemary flavored bread nuggets, and then a full course of pasta, bread, ham and potato salad, and a light little strawberry dessert.

Italians are good looking people. (Maybe that’s why I married an Italian?) Most on our plane were young and interestingly dressed. Sneakers with high platform heels. A patchwork type leather cape. They don’t look American, but have their own style. Saw one young man smoking one of those e-cigarettes. It looked like a pen that he inhaled from, then exhaled a white smoke-like vapor. I suppose that they are legal. I haven’t seen anyone smoking in an airport in a long time, and this was the first time I’ve seen someone smoking a smoke-less cigarette in public. I guess I haven’t been out and about for awhile.

Here are some more photos from the plane. I think I saw the Zugspitz!

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It was a long flight (9+ hours). We got to Roma around noon, and following my sister’s advice to always travel like (and with) the locals, we took the Leonardo Express into the Roma Termini. Interestingly, the views from this train ride were a lot like the ones to the Miami airport – lots of graffiti and industry. We really look like tourists lugging all our stuff, but manage to find the B Metro that took us to the Circus Massimo stop. Sandy will be very happy to know that there was an accordion player on the subway train! Unfortunately we took a wrong turn coming out of the subway and walked around and around the Circus Massimo (and in the rain!) before finding our hotel.

Anyway, we’re finally here and very tired. More coming …

Some beginning photos of our arrival in Roma.