Here we go.

We got on the Tri-Rail at 45th Street and as we left the station, the conductor said “Here we go!”. He said that at all of the stops on the way to Miami International Airport, as the conglomerate of people that make up South Florida got on and off the train.


This sign is by the train bathroom. John asked me if I knew what it meant — no boys and girls in the bathroom at the same time! Guess we missed our chance there.


I didn’t realize that the train didn’t go directly to the Miami airport. The map says it does. But we had to get off a couple of stops ahead and take a shuttle bus, right through the rush hour traffic of Miami. I’m glad we got the earlier train.

Some photos from the window of the train.

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We arrived at the airport in plenty of time.

A nice, somewhat sun-burned and only in the Miami airport scene …


We got something to eat at a “Corona Beach House” that was way too expensive. I wondered what a Roman, just arriving in Miami, would think of it.

Next stop: Roma da Vinci!