[The Rome Tour book is the one that we got the last time we were in Rome in 1999. Most of the information is still relevant! Someone told me to make copies of our passports, so I did.]

I don’t know what to expect from our upcoming trip to Roma. John and I are both excited. I’m a little nervous, mostly about making sure that the plane tickets and hotel reservations are in good order. I’ve checked the dates again and again to make sure that they are correct. I even look at our passports repeatedly to assure myself that they are not expired.

It seems somehow unbelievable that this is going to happen without a hitch.

We didn’t really plan this trip. Oh, we talked about going to Italy some – maybe later May, after the NY trip –  but this particular trip at this particular time seems to have just happened, all on its own.

It started with my looking at flights, and finding a direct flight from Miami to Roma and clicking on something to see what the fare was. Not realizing I was on the Italian Alitalia site, and not fully aware that I was seeing Euros rather than US dollars, something in me clicked a SUBMIT button and there it was. We were locked into non-changeable, non-refundable tickets. For a couple of days I tried to get out of it, having an extended conversation with an Alitalia representative in Albania about how the laws that protect US citizens from such foolhardy things do not apply to Italian websites. He insisted that the rules could not be broken and that there was no one above him who could do such a thing. Our conversation ended up rather philosophical – “what good are rules if there can be no exceptions?” – but I got nowhere.

So I called John and told him we were going – Holy Week and Easter in Rome. I found a nice hotel near the Vatican but John didn’t like the location: “We would have to take a bus or long hike to just about everywhere”. After many days looking at so many accommodations in Roma that I was going nuts, I changed it to one that is right in the center of the Roman ruins. It looks like we will be able to spend days exploring what is right around, never getting on a bus. This, in itself, makes things exciting for some reason. Is this our consolation for not being able to see the ruins of the Mesa Verde last October because of the government shutdown?

And though we looked at going other places in Italia as well – the Amalfi Coast, Firenze – somehow once we were happy with the hotel we had found, it seemed simpler to just stay there.

For now, we have plane tickets and hotel reservations, a long list of recommended restaurants, and lots of ideas. Yesterday I told this to my oncologist and she said, “so you are going to get up every day and just go wild?” I guess that just about sums it up.

I have no idea what to expect and still can’t believe it will happen.