ImageSince I live here, I am the tour guide. The first place I took the gaggle was to the Grassy Waters Preserve. It’s where I take everyone who comes to visit. Florida is not all about the beach. Grassy Waters is a northernmost remnant of what was once the Great Everglades system – a unique mosaic of wetlands, tree islands and forested hammocks.  It’s good to know the land as it is before we drain it and put up all of these houses. I find a mysterious and wild beauty to these wetlands and I want those who visit here to know that too. Sometimes when I wake up in the night I find comfort in remembering the strange beauty of this place that holds us and of which we are a part.

We didn’t see any alligators, but I think alligators probably know how to hide when a cackling gaggle comes by.

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Love this photo that Ann (I think) got of the grassy water!

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