The photo was taken in 1963 or 1964. 8th Grade: the year that JFK was assassinated and we went bonkers over the Beatles. Our friendships were well established by then. We had been slumber partying since about 2nd grade.

So even though we hadn’t kept up with each other, there was no need to get to know each other again. We knew each other. Nothing had really changed.


We reminisced some – arguing the Kennedy/Nixon election in the 5th grade playground, slow dancing in the road to the tune of the Beach Boys “God only knows” song – but not a lot. Nor did we spend a lot of time catching up with those 50 years. Well, yes, we had to know who exactly Ann was married to now. But mostly we were just together, and the wonder that here we were, all together again.

There is shared history among us, and that was the ground that we stood on.  A common past. Families that knew each other.

I noticed that we didn’t pair off much. We really wanted to be ALL together.