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Once again, Aunt Louise has come to visit in Florida. She is now 99 years old – will be 100 this summer! We went to the Norton Gallery of Art in West Palm Beach where we viewed the “HOARD” sculptures of Phyllida Barlow. That felt like walking around in one of my dreams! We also saw an intriguing Andy Warhol exhibit which was mostly about his first “superstar”, Baby Jane Holzer. I always enjoy going to the Norton. It wakes and shakes me up some and life becomes interesting in ways that hadn’t occurred to me.

We lunched at Nick and Johnny’s in Palm Beach, sat around the pool and soaked up a lot of sun, and lunched some more at Guanabana’s in Jupiter. Aunt Louise was able to talk to FA in Fiji via FaceTime and she was so excited that she cried.

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