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We were up early – before 5AM. Even though our flight didn’t leave until 8:30, we were anxious to be on our way. There is a lot of snow, but the roads are clear and the traffic is flowing. At 6AM the airport is busy, but we breezed through security. I had to pay an extra fee for our last minute seats on the plane, and somehow that gave us a pass through security. We got to walk past the long line, didn’t have to take our shoes or coats off, open our bags, etc. Sounds like another way to buy your way through the hassles of travel. And what if a terrorist has something in his shoe, all he has to do is pay the extra $29 to avoid having his shoes checked?

With the extra time we settled into some Starbuck’s oatmeal, orange juice and lattes and waited to board the plane that was already at the gate. By 8:30 we were all on, every seat was taken. Then the announcements started coming. The plane needed a replacement part and they didn’t know where to get it, perhaps from another airline. Then there were 2 parts that needed replacement. There was talk of deplaning. Finally, miracle of miracles, the problems were solved and we left ground – around 10:45AM, more than 2 hours after our scheduled departure.

I like Boston a lot. In another life I would like to live in Boston and know its streets and neighborhoods and people. I could work at Boston College and be immersed in all that Jesuit and university atmosphere that I love so much. I could take the subways and ride my bicycle and never have to have a car.

It is a clear, cold day. 1 degree this morning. Lovely views of the icy Northeastern coastline as we head south.

This is a direct flight to West Palm Beach, so there’s a really good chance we’re going to make it home!