Clearing the runways at Logan International Airport in Boston

Clearing the runways at Logan International Airport in Boston

Our 3rd day in Boston was the day that we were going to get home. It was still snowing in the morning, but supposed to let up by noon. Unfortunately we got another call from JetBlue that our flight was again cancelled and they now had us booked on a flight late Saturday night, going through Newark, that wouldn’t get into West Palm Beach until early Sunday morning! John has a flight out from Fort Lauderdale back to PGH in the early afternoon of Sunday, so we would be essentially going home only to drive to Fort Lauderdale to put John on another plane north. Sheesh.

We thought that if we went directly to the airport we might have better luck getting out. Every time I found a flight online and entered all my information and credit card number, by the time I pushed the BUY button, I got a message that those seats were no longer available.

It was about 3 degrees outside, but we have the transportation all figured out. Up the street to the Green Line subway, which took us to Government Center and the Blue line. I like that the end of the Blue Line is “Wonderland”. There are some stops on the Blue Line that are beyond the airport. I am suspecting that these stops are on some of the island neighborhoods that we saw from the flight into Boston several days ago (seems like forever ago). The Blue line took us right to the airport where a shuttle bus was waiting to take us to the Jet Blue C Terminal. This is the way public transportation is supposed to work!

Jet Blue was no help. Nothing. By this time I found a Delta flight that was leaving on Saturday morning (better than Saturday night), and going directly to West Palm Beach. I grabbed it and my purchase went through. We got a refund from Jet Blue for our return tickets and then decided to settle into the airport Hilton instead of heading back out into the cold. You can walk through skywalks right to the hotel. The Logan Airport Hilton is a fancy place, with an over priced restaurant, but it was probably our best choice, considering our predicament. John went to the hot tub; I wasn’t willing to pay more than $100 for a bathing suit in the gift shop when I have 3 perfectly good bathing suits at home.

We are making the best of it. I feel bad for John, who spends so much of his time in hotels as it is, and he was looking forward to some weekend boating and pool (billiards) this weekend with his friend, Dennis.

The sun is out and the snow is pretty. It reminds so somewhat of a trip we took to Iceland a few years ago.