Our trip to Boston has been an adventure of not knowing what is coming next.  Like walking into an unknown where you have to trust the moment to moment unfolding of how things happen.

Neither John nor I had been to Boston in awhile.  The city is new to us.  We weren’t sure how to get from the airport to our hotel so we were winging it only to discover that if you get on a Silver Line Bus (for free) it will take you down into the South Station (part of Boston’s Public Subway system) where you will not have to pay for a ticket to get in because you are already in it.  From there we figured our way how to take a red line a couple of stops to get on the green line which took us to within a block of our hotel.  Didn’t spend a dime, but I did buy a couple of “Charlie Tickets” ($5 for each ticket) for future transportation needs.  I don’t know if we’ll use them or not.

Coming out of the subway we were greeted with the COLD and an ice sculpture.  I hadn’t realized that we would be right in a city.  Tall buildings, traffic, people!  There are ice sculptures at various places around the city which is kind of cool because you definitely don’t see this sort of thing anywhere in Florida.  I had picked The Lenox out of the blue for our place to stay — it wasn’t a chain and looked to be fairly close to the Dana Farber Center where we have to go for my appointment, as well as in the center of “things”.  I was somehow afraid that a chain hotel (Like the Marriott or Hampton) would be off of a highway, like they are in the rest of America. I keep forgetting that Boston is a major city!  The Lenox is a rather small, older hotel that has been refurbished.  What is nowadays called a “boutique” hotel.  Cozy.  We’re happy here.

New Years Day (John’s birthday) is a sunny day, no snow on the ground but a few piles here and there to remind us that it hasn’t been gone long.  Our time in Boston is limited so we decide to take a Trolley Tour around the town.  The ticket can be used for 5 days so that you can get off and on to see the various sites – like the Paul Revere home or the Samuel Adams brewery.  We have to content ourselves to see what we can see from the Trolley.  It starts getting dark around 4:30 in the afternoon so we really don’t have a lot of time.

We find Boston to be a beautiful modern city with new tall buildings blending well with 300 year old buildings and neighborhoods.  Everything is clean.  We love the public transportation.  It’s a real city – like London, or Paris or Rome.  Large sections and neighborhoods that connect to each other in a  unifying way.  There is a street in the “Back Bay” (where we are staying) that Winston Churchill called the most beautiful street in the world.  Tall brownstone houses lining a wide park-like island that goes down the middle of the street.

There are a lot of young people around even though students are not yet back in town after the holidays.  There are also a lot of Asian people  John and I guess that more than 50% of the people we see around us – whether it be on the subway or in a restaurant – are Asian.  At lunch there was an Icelandic family at the table next to us!

For John’s birthday we celebrated first in an Irish pub that is near our hotel, then went down the street a bit to the Atlantic Fish Company for dinner.  It was all good.  We didn’t have dessert but were up for something a little bit sweet, and we got back to our room at The Lenox we found 2 little pieces of Lindt chocolate on our pillow!

The big news now is the big winter Nor’easter that is coming in.